Announcing The Release Of Next LoTC English Volume

MAHAMUDRA AND RELATED INSTRUCTIONS: Core Teachings of the Kagyu School has been published and is now available. Compiled by Khenchen Trangu Rinpoche and superbly translated by Peter Alan Roberts, this volume contains an excellent selection of seminal texts on the key meditative practices of the Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism. The publication of this volume marks an important contribution to the ever-growing collection of English translations of classical Tibetan texts, and provides a precious resource for scholars and practitioners alike.

New Tibetan Volumes Released

The following volumes of the Critical Tibetan Editions of LoTC series have been printed recently:
Vol.23 Mngon pa gong ma'i lugs kyi sems khams rig pa, 2010
Vol.24 Mdzod 'grel mgon pa'i rgyan, 2010
Vol.17 Phar phyin gyi gzhung gces btus gsum, 2010
Vol.18 Lta ba'i khyad par bshad pa, 2010
Vol.19 Dbu ma dgongs pa rab gsal, 2010

Workshops On Classical Tibetan Culture And Buddhist Knowledge

JAN 2011: NEW YORK, USA: The first residential Workshop for Tibetans and youths from Tibetan cultural background (Mongolia, Himalayan Buddhist communities) in North America took place in New York City between January 10-15. Led by ITC’s president Thupten Jinpa, the faculty for the Workshop included Ngawang Gelek Rinpoche, Lama Pema Wangdrak, Lama Migmar, Prof Ngawang Dhondup Narkyid, with Prof Richard R Davidson, Dr Lobsang Rabgye, Jeff Walman, and Dr Emiliana Simon-Thomas as guest speakers. This workshop was jointly hosted by the Institute and the Dalai Lama Trust, New York, and was funded by the CAMELLIA FOUNDATION. It’s hoped that this 4-day residential workshop on Buddhism and classical Tibetan culture may become institutionalized as a regular annual event.

Tibetan Scroll

Maitreya Buddha

Modern Tibetan Grammar Book Released

The result of Thupten Jinpa's study on how to modernize the grammar of literary and classical Tibetan has been published the Institute in December, 2010, in New Delhi. Entitled Bod kyi brda sprod gsar bsgrigs smra sgo'i lde mig (Modern Tibetan Grammar: Opening the Gateway of Speech), this work represents the first ever comprehensive reformulation of classical Tibetan grammar. With systematization of word classifications, reorganization of the particles, as well as systematization of the syntactical rules governing the relations between words, phrases, clauses and sentences, this modern grammar brings the Tibetan grammar in line with established grammars of contemporary languages such as English and French.

The Institute plans to organize intensive residential workshops to Tibetan teachers, scholars and students, based on this new grammatical work. Through this, it's hoped that there will be new approach to teaching literary Tibetan to the younger generation, making it possible for many to acquire literary skill more easily.

Thupten Jinpa is now working on the systematization of the Tibetan verb stems so that modern readers and writers in Tibetan can ground their understanding of Tibetan verb stems based on formalized rules. Once completed, the Institute will publish this study as well.