CRITICAL TIBETAN EDITION VOLUMES (Bod kyi tsug lag gces btus)

This project involves inputting the Tibetan texts, critically comparing the main woodblock editions of the works, locating the numerous bibliographical citations found in the texts, and as well as printing these classical texts in modern book format. Each volume carries an in-depth introductory essay in Tibetan, most composed by Thupten Jinpa, the General Editor, providing a comprehensive background and context to the key themes of the volume. The volumes are also provided with a comprehensive list of contents, a bibliography of the texts cited in the original as well as a bibliography of the works consulted by the editors. Our hope and wish is that these volumes, together with the introductory essays, will provide a comprehensive resource both for students and teachers alike in the Tibetan speaking world on classical Tibetan knowledge, wisdom and culture.

Electronic inputting of all the texts featured in the series, which began in January 2001 at the Library of Ganden Shartse, India, completed at the end of February 2006. Our Tibetan editors working under the overall supervision of Thupten Jinpa on the critical editions project undertake their textual research at the Library of the Central Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, India.

As work on each volume is completed, 1,000 copies are printed in New Delhi, India under the series entitled Bod kyi gtsug lag gces btus. These printed books are then distributed free of charge to schools, monasteries, community libraries as well to individual Tibetan teachers and scholars in India and Nepal. A remainder of 300 copies is donated to our partner the Library of Ganden Shartse College to be sold at cost price. For the wider scholarly world electronic versions of the printed Tibetan volumes are made available on our website for free download.